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“The power of Invaluable Lessons from a Frog lies in its timeliness as an alternative story or antidote to the quick-fix message which fills the airwaves and the bookshops and the cybernets of the world. I strongly recommend this book as important reading for reinventing our lives in the 21st century and for awakening to our possibilities, many of which have been cleverly disguised by the factors described by Olivier Clerc.”

Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D., M.Phil. Author of Coyote Medicine, Narrative Medicine and Narrative Psychiatry.

Invaluable Lessons from a Frog:
Seven Life-Enhancing Metaphors

by Olivier Clerc

ISBN: 978-0-9797908-3-6

A frog gets boiled without noticing it, a bamboo shoot takes years to sprout, a butterfly fights to come out of its cocoon, a snake grows dangerously warm… Each of these seven tales provides us with a unique opportunity to reflect on our modern lives. This book takes us on an allegorical journey through universal tales, touching on the topics of evolution, consciousness and adaptability during these fast-changing times. Invaluable Lessons from a Frog: Seven Life-Enhancing Metaphors is a fruit containing seven seeds of condensed wisdom, which will help readers cultivate their own inner garden.

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        Watch a video-animation based on the metaphor of the frog.

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About the author

Olivier Clerc

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, where he grew up, Olivier Clerc presently lives in Southern Burgundy (France), with his three sons. He works as a writer, translator and editorial consultant, specialised in spirituality, shamanism, health, personal development and human relationships.

Olivier has crossed paths with many famous authors and teachers whose books he has translated into French, and with whom he often trained. Among them are Charles Rojzman, founder of Transformation Social Therapy, Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Non-Violent Communication, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr Deepak Chopra, and many others.

He started his carreer as an author at the age of twenty (his first book, which turned out to be a success, was on lucid dreaming). To date he is the author of six books.

Olivier also manages his own website, where he posts his writings on a regular basis (it contains a short English section):

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