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"Richard Singer has outdone himself! If you thought his first book, Your Daily Walk with the Great Minds was wonderful, you haven't read anything yet. Singer has taken the word 'mindfulness' to a new level and shows us how to apply it to every moment of our lives."

Sue Vogan, author/radio show host

"I would highly recommend Eastern Wisdom for Your Soul to those seeking truth in life."

David J. Powell, Ph.D., President International, Center for Health Concerns, Beijing Medical University

Eastern Wisdom for Your Soul

by Richard A. Singer Jr.

ISBN: 978-0-9797908-0-5

Have you ever taken time to think about how happy you really are or what it is that actually makes you happy? What makes you feel good, rewarded, and tranquil? What brings you peace and harmony?

Eastern Wisdom for Your Soul explains the difference between living through your ego and being connected with the flow of the universal source of energy. You will discover meditations that you can apply to your daily life, advice on how to uncover the ultimate truth of reality, and ways to recognize and live in the moment of being right here, right now.

Eastern Wisdom for Your Soul helps you live the life you've always wanted - to live a life without regrets, filled with happiness and joy, one that enables you to transcend the ego and live as one with the Universe.

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About the author

Richard A. Singer Jr.

Richard A. Singer is an award winning author, trained psychotherapist, and most importantly a seeker of truth. He continuously searches for wisdom to use in his life, as well as helping other human beings in their precious journey. He has studied eastern psychology, buddhist healing, and non-violence at the doctoral level; in addition, he has spent years devoted to the study of wisdom recorded throughout history. He seeks to impart this knowledge to the world through his writing. His primary purpose is to benefit humanity in any way possible. Richard states that "My books are not only for reading, they are meant to be lived." Richard resides in the Cayman Islands with his wife Debbie and his twin sons, Matthew and Alexander.

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